Tunnul is a leading software development company with
global reach. We develop and design products ranging from
mobile apps and cloud solutions to, custom Blockchain
deployments, and enterprise application. We focus on highly
regulated industries requiring complex, tracking, reporting,
and deep insight of data. Delivering high quality solutions
within committed time-frames and budgets.
Cloud Applications and Infrastructure
Business Intelligence Services
Mobile Application Development
Product Engineering

Current Projects

Tunnul Ecosystem

The Tunnul ecosystem will make your business run better. The following modules used simultaneously will drastically improve business efficiency, sustainability and profitability.


Investment grade blockchain solutions customized to your specific industry needs.

Tunnul Smart-Onboarding

Custom branding and instant monitoring of the entire customer onboarding process. Ensure compliance with your new customer automatically. Seamless integration with your business.

Tunnul Compliance Suite

Reduces disruptions in operations, and keeps companies compliant with government reporting requirements. Fully automate KYC/AML to ensure that you are always compliant.

Tunnul Asset Tracking

Allows assets to be easily assigned and tracked to either a location, or
process, finished good, or person. The system retains records of usage, maintenance, and history of the assets.

Our Team

Timothy H.
Timothy H.
Chairman of the Board/Founder
Robert M.
Robert M.
Chief Operating Officer/Founder
Colin M.
Colin M.
Director of Market Development